Friday, November 12, 2010

Florist for a day :)

I find myself getting so excited about Christmas that I don't do much for Thanksgiving! I just remembered that I have a super cute turkey that I made and painted somewhere in a box...I should go find it and set him out! I had a reader ask about using fruit in Thanksgiving decor, and I mentioned using cranberries as a filler in a vase--so I went out and did it!

I went to the floral shop in town and picked up some flowers with fall colors, then I headed over to the dollar store and got this nifty little vase. I love how it's short and squat! I also bought some fresh cranberries (they were only $1.99!) and I filled the vase with them--and water, too! Gotta give the flowers something to drink. :) I heard somewhere that you can use a crushed aspirin as flower food...but I didn't have any aspirin, so, let's hope the water will do the trick!

When you cut the stems, do it at an angle, and either cut them in water or put them in water right away so the stems don't suck up air. I'm no florist, so I just arranged them in the vase until they looked good. The cranberries were kind of convenient because they held the flowers in place!

I'm so happy with how my little Thanksgiving arrangement turned out! I think I'll do this every year!


  1. that is super cute!

  2. Love this, very pretty. The cranberries give it just the right touch!



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