Monday, November 8, 2010

First Snow!

It snowed today! And boy, did it SNOW! It didn't stop all day. I had to do some errands, and my little boy did NOT like what he saw when we went outside. Sure, he enjoyed looking at the snowflakes falling when he was in the car...he also liked looking at all the trees covered in snow...but as soon as one of those white fluffy things hit his nose...he started to scream! I felt so bad for the little guy. We hurried real fast so we could get home and be all snuggly warm. :)

All the snow made me feel Christmas-y, so I bought a Christmas tablecloth while we were out! And I also made some more cupcake wrappers with snowflakes on them! I just love these ones:

I think purple is such a unique color for holiday items--it's out of the ordinary and really stands out amongst the crowd! They've also got a really neat tea-dyed look to them--I love the vintage/old style on I was so excited when I found this paper. And aren't the polka dots adorable? Gives them just the right touch. :)

I've also been thinking a lot about decorating--I think this year I just might take all of my year round decor and box it up...and replace it all with everything Christmas! Sounds like quite a challenge, but I think I'm up for it!


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  2. Those cupcake wrappers are beautiful- makes me want to fill them (then empty them!)
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