Thursday, March 18, 2010

"Vintage" Fleurettes

I realized that in between my bigger projects, I have mini-projects...and this is one of them. I made this pretty little flower out of satinette, gold tulle, and a "vintage" brad. I put it on a pin so that you can wear it on a coat, or put it on a purse or anywhere else you feel like fancy-ing up. I actually like the slightly burned edges on it---it makes it feel older, and I really like that kind of thing. For anyone that wants to know how to do this---all you need is a candle and the things I mentioned above. At first I was using matches, and I went through about 20 when I realized....why am I not using a CANDLE?!? So all you do is cut the satinette into circles, starting with a big circle for the outer petal, then cut them smaller and smaller as you move to the inside. Then you burn or just barely melt the edges of your circles with the flame--careful to not catch it on fire! I also did this with the tulle---but it does burn a lot faster, so I just quickly swiped the edges of the tulle across the flame and that did the trick. Once I had them all burned, I arranged the circles how I liked them, then I poked a hole in the center with my exacto knife so I could put my brad through. It's as easy as that! And super fun, too! I also made a smaller one and put it on a bobby pin for a cute vintage hair clip. Now I hafta get back to my mirrored window frame I'm working on......crackle paint is my doom....


  1. where do you find your vintage hardware?

  2. wow, that's pretty! i'm a huge fan of pins and flower embellishments. :)

  3. I got the brads at a craft store (probably Porters)a long time ago...I was just going through my stuff and I found these in a drawer with a bunch of other trinkets...I think they might've been from Tim Holtz's products...he makes a lot of really cool, old looking vintage-y type can take a look at some of them here: I wish I could remember for sure where I got them or who made them...sorry!

  4. Following now from NFF. I was just writing up my post for the night, where I made some flowers, and I wish I had seen this one first! It's precious, and I love the rest of your blog as well. :O) Looking forward to following along. :O)



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