Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Purpose....

I started my cupcake wrapper business as a way to help our family out financially while being able to stay home with my little boy.  It's also something I really enjoy doing, so you could say it's one of my many hobbies. :)

Being a mom changes you. It changes the way you think, feel, and see things.  Everything has a new, deeper meaning and you understand things you didn't before...I'm sure all you moms out there know what I'm talking about. :) 

The other day I realized how blessed we are to be able to feed our little boy whenever he is hungry.  We pray at dinner every night, thanking our Heavenly Father for the food, and I recently realized how big a deal that really is! There are a lot of little kids out there that have empty bellies and don't have a way to fill them.  It just broke my heart to think what it would be like for my son to be hungry--really hungry.  It made me think of all those children out there who feel that way every I decided to join the fight to end childhood hunger in America.  I'm doing this through my cupcake wrapper business.

I will donate a portion of my profits to help end childhood hunger in America through the Share Our Strength Organization. Our objective is to make sure that every child in America gets the nutritious food he or she needs to learn, grow and thrive. To learn more about Share Our Strength or to make a donation, please visit these links:

I know that every little bit helps, and I know that we can make a difference!

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