Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Everyone loves freebies! **REVISED**

I thought that it would be fun to do a free printable--so here ya go! **This is an UPDATED VERSION--I realized that I uploaded the wrong size the first time--so if you downloaded it before, you'll need to download this NEW version for the correct cupcake wrapper size.  Sorry! I hope that didn't mess anyone up too much. :) Thanks for being patient with me while I learn this new MediaFire thing! :)

These are a simple green and red polka dot Christmas wrapper--I'd like to start doing more free printables--I was thinking about doing Christmas gift tags, too! Let me know if anyone has any problems downloading the file--this is my first time trying know how it goes. :) If you have any ideas of what kinds of printables you'd like to see, please leave me a comment! Enjoy!

Click HERE to download your FREE cupcake wrapper printable!


  1. Fun! I love polka dots for ANY celebration. These are perfect and you're so nice to share them with us all!

  2. Super cute!....and clever too!

    Warm blessings,

  3. hi there! thanks so much for this! i'm a new ur blog!! :)

  4. I've been looking for cupcake wrappers for a while! Thank you!

    Found you on Silly Little Sparrow link.

    Andrea at the Homemade Holiday



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