Monday, June 7, 2010

Card Making

Making cards is another hobby of mine that I really enjoy...two years ago I was so into it that I actually got into the October 2008 Edition of Paper Crafts Magazine---I designed the "Road Card"--you can check it out here if you want! I haven't had a lot of time (or space!) to do a whole lot of it lately, but I wanted to share some of the cards that I've made with you all!

{A hand stamped holiday card--this was actually a small swirl stamp and I just repeated the pattern to create the tree}
{Invites for Thanksgiving Dinner}

{Everyone could use a little comedy--front}

Isn't this so true?!

{Show a friend you care card--front}

{romantic card for that special someone}

{I used an old road map for this card! I crinkled it up really good then used a tea dye stamp pad to make it look even older!}
There's nothing like a homemade card! I'd love to see some of your card creations---leave me a comment with your link if you have some!


  1. Visiting from The Girl Creative! Ooooh I just love these cards! Super cute! I did a couple of posts about some cards I made. Although none of them are as creative as yours! Feel free to visit them if you like!

  2. Your cards are really pretty and so creative! I think my favorite is the map. That is too cool. :)
    Found you at The Girl Creative!

  3. Beautiful cards! I too came from Find a Friend Friday on TGC. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Gorgeous cards! I love that you add texture and a touch of gradient, they are all truly unique and beautiful works of art. I think my favorite in this post might be the sunburst.



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