Thursday, May 27, 2010

Paper Covered Treasure Box

I just love working with paper...especially on wood with Mod-Podge! I made this treasure box for my husband to put memories of us in...any cards we've given each other, love notes, ticket stubs from dates, pictures, little things like that. I thought it'd be nice to have all those treasures in one place (it's already full!). I got the wooden box at the craft store--it was plain and screaming to be dressed up. To do this, I removed the metal pieces that were removable--pieces that were screwed in. The other pieces I had to cut the paper to fit around them. I cut my paper to fit each side, then I adhered the paper to the box using Mod-Podge. I inked the sides with a dark brown chalk box. I also applied the "together forever" vinyl and hand wrote our names at the top. Next, I sealed it with the Mod-Podge, waited for it to completely dry, and then I reattached all the metal pieces I removed.

{I had to cut the paper to fit around these pieces.}

{I was able to remove these pieces before adhering the paper to the box.}

The final product---it looks like the paper is a little pink--but it is actually a pretty red--just so you know :-)


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  2. That is really pretty! Great job.


  3. very neat idea, sounds like you're gonna have to make him another one now!

  4. This turned out so pretty. I like all of the details.

  5. It looks like a vintage antique. I can't believe you're patience at cutting around the metal pieces! It's just darling.

    Have you shared with Amy @ ModpodgeRocks?

  6. Thanks everyone for your nice comments! Colleen--I haven't shared with ModpodgeRocks--I'll have to do that--thanks for the tip!

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